Spring is in the Air...Cleaning the nest! (and making some extra money!)

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Spring has finally sprung and as most of us do, we get the itch to do that lovely Spring cleaning. It's kind of like 'nesting' all over again. As you go through what to keep and what to toss, you approach that dark hole of the house; your closet or dresser! The 'maybe I'll wear it again', 'I'll diet to make this fit', etc. phrases come to mind. We've all seen the segments on t.v. and read the articles about how to tackle your closet; tips and tricks for cleaning out your wardrobe as well as pinned hundreds of closet makeover ideas. But what do we do with all that stuff?

Oh yeah, garage sale & make some money!!!

Chances are if you are reading this you are either a new mom, or about to be a mom and well, who has the time to set up and work a yard/garage sale at 6am for an entire weekend of your life with kids in tow? Sure, we all love browsing the weekend tag sales and finding that one item we got for a steal or that vintage little something we scored for next to nothing...but the other side of that is labeling everything, setting up tables, dragging all your stuff out for the world to see, praying it doesn't rain and finally while you're just about exhausted and ready to grab that cup of coffee & wait for your first guest to come at your posted time of 8am, they show up at 6:30!

Then there's that 'list' website....yeah, let's avoid that whole creeper/stalker thing altogether...

Have you ever thought of consigning your unwanted clothing? Give someone else your stuff to sell, they do all the work and you get a cut! Sounds like a great idea doesn't it?! Maybe you've heard of some kid's stores, the young adult exchange or closet stores or the upscale stores that buy your designer clothing for a few dollars and change.

How about that small wardrobe you've amassed for nine months that you no longer have a need for? All that money for such a short amount of time. Maybe you were lucky enough to even get a couple of turns out of it, but now you've built your family and those cute tops with the room to grow are no longer serving you. That's what we are here for!!

BelliestoBellies.com is a marketplace for buying and selling new and gently used maternity clothing. We buy maternity clothing, regardless of the label that is in a decent condition; free from stains, holes, tears or excessive wear. Our resale items sell quickly and for 2-5X more than you could expect to get at a tag sale. We use professional style photography to insure the item is best represented and then share it across social media for maximum exposure. BelliestoBellies offers the option to consign your items to us, wait the allotted time for them to sell & then get paid a final total, or sell them to us outright. Check out our link to send us an email here: Sell Your Stuff

We do all the hard work for you while you get to spend your precious time being Mom!

So enjoy your Spring nest cleaning this year and let us make you some money, we take the labor out of selling your stuff!

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